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Pilates is as suitable for first time exercisers as it is for professional athletes. Step by step you will be taught correct movement patterns to help you build the strength you need to perform the classical exercises.Pilates can play an effective part in injury re- habilitation programmes as it emphasises controlled flowing movements avoiding the muscle and ligament damage associated with other movement programmes

Relaxation, Breathing and Concentration are just some of the eight principles we focus on during a session and can help to relieve unwanted tension and stress from the body. Pilates aims to balance flexibility with strength. It works differently to other exercise programmes by building strength from the inside out.

Pilates is recommended by exercise specialists for people with a history of back problems as the creation of a girdle of strength is one of the primary aims of the method and achieved by strengthening the core postural muscles that stabilise the torso.

If you have been treated by a medical professional for an injury it is advisable that you are signed off before you join a class.

A number of one to ones are advisable before you join a group class.

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